Say My Name – by Frank Thompson

When you Pray for me, Say My Name by Frank Thompson featuring Jonathan DuBose Jr on guitar.

While sitting on the organ at a local church in New Orleans. A preacher got up to end the service, every one stood up then he said wait a minute I have one more thing to say. I had already started to play the benediction song, I stopped and said to myself “O.M.G what’s next? The service had been long enough, about three hours or more”. Then the preacher said: “WHEN YOU PRAY FOR ME SAY MY NAME”.

Immediately the music started playing in my head and I could not wait to get home. The words and music that was in my head is exactly what you will hear when you listen to this song. This song is a very personal song. Most people pray in general we pray for world peace, the war, the government, the USA friends and family but this song motivates you to be specific: WHEN YOU PRAY FOR ME SAY MY NAME.

Download: When you Pray for me, Say My Name

The Sound of One – by Frank Thompson

One Man
One thought
One Idea
One concept
One sound

“Most music we hear today is a collaboration of many musicians and many thoughts.” Here is a concept of one man being many; and of many concepts being of one idea… a thought to make a sound that is beautiful to behold. That one sound that explains the allure and fascination in what you hear and feel.

Frank Thompson has encompassed these concepts and combined them in a revolutionary way. So many have tried to emulate the creativity of those that have come before; an innovator in his own right, Frank has compiled selections that will astound you as you realize the complexities that are involved in being one man. Such influences as Chick Corea, George Duke, The Yellow Jackets, and Herbie Hancock have been a long standing reflection towards a life’s ambition.

A smooth whisper in the wind that speaks of a timeless soul… the fascination, the intoxication of Smooth Jazz.

The Sound of One is the second jazz release from Frank Thompson Jr. This new cd follows the same concept as his first release, Island Man. One man with many ideas, thoughts and talents. This creative spirit has again written, arranged, and produced this work of music that comes together as one coherent, mellow delicious sound. The concept of one man having the talent to play each instrument, a jack of all . The concept is evident in this musical accomplishment that is created from the soul and spirit of this talented artist.
Frank Thompson Jr.

Island Man – by Frank Thompson

This work of art is the musical genius of one artist,Frank Thompson, who created, composed, arranged and performed each tune on the CD. Any selection from this musical menu is guaranteed to soothe that weary savage beast that lurks within each of us. This solo work will touch and inspire the hearts and minds of many.

Beginning with the title cut “Island Man” as you listen, it will minister to your mind and take you on a musical journey to a place of peace and harmony. Let “New Dawning” purge your spirit so you may start anew, for “Happy Times” are most definitely ahead of you. Clear your head and prepare to embrace “Life” and all it’s wonderments. Steady yourself for “Love’s Groove” where heartfelt emotions engulf you. Stay tuned for “Better Days” are coming.

Lay back in a “Hammock Swing” in total bliss and awe of the good life Feast on the “Coconut Tree” for nourishment and take in a “Cool Breeze” and let it ripple through your mind, as your spirits rise and you sink into “Deep Thought” that are “Ever Changing”. Join the Island Man in a “Sand Dance” to metaphorically dance a1l your troubles away, you will encounter “Confusion” but stay strong for “Things Are Getting Better” as you conclude your voyage of the Island Man.